Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Student Paper: Why Should You Use the Writing Process

This piece was written by student MP0708 in school and was published in order to share tips on how to write a prompt for the MEAP.

Whenever I do a prompt, I use the steps of the writing process. It may take long but its all worth it at the end because I have a great paper. You will have to follow these steps.

To begin, I would like to tell you why you would want to use the writing process. It helps you understand what you are writing about. It also help you answer the question in your writing prompt. Another reason you won't get off of topic. These are the reasons you would want to use the writing process.

First you would want read the prompt. You would want to know what your writing about. Then you should do fatp f stand for form, a means audience t stand for topic,and p stand for purpose. If you have one read the checklist make one if you don't have one or ask your teacher to make one for you. Alway set goals like focus correction errors.

Next you always need to brainstorm because you can get all your idea's out. You can always do five w's and one h which stands for who,what,when,where,why,and how. After do a web it can be very helpful it gives a little information so you can write on your draft. Also do an outline to show how to set it up.

Third is your draft you can make mistakes but not on your final copy. It is alway important to revise and edit it is mostly good to let a friend or partner to do it for you because you may not notice your mistakes. Also you have your final copy. Don't forget starter,transition,and conclusion words.

Truly now you see how the writing process works. Now your paper will turn out perfect. If you want a perfect paper follow these steps. It will help you through all your writing prompts.

Written by MP0708

Edited by BM0708


Anonymous said...

Nice paper but you misspelled focus correction areas. You put focus correction errors.

RW0708 and KH0708

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i liked your student paper mp0708 from jj0708 and df0708

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MP0708 I really liked your paper.Maybe i wiil consider telling my family about your paper and ask somebody to read it.


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Great paper you had an error

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