Thursday, October 11, 2007

Student Paper: A New Kid In A New School

This paper was written by TW0708 and edited by TD0708

After my first day of school I was all right but my first day of school was a challenge. I thought people were going to call me a geek because of my glasses. I was hoping other kids would have glasses too. I didn't want to be the only one with glasses.

First when I got in the classes. I saw people who were wearing glasses other than me. I was happy to see that. The day was starting off well. I knew that the class would not call me a geek. Then I said who is my teacher. It was Mr.Ambrose the most funniest teacher a kid could ever have. He makes us laugh,he plays math games. The games are fun too, they are the funniest games ever. I think I'm going to like this school year.

Mr.Ambrose is a great teacher, he teaches great lessons on math ,prime numbers ,arrays ,and reading too. He teaches better lessons then my old school. I have some friends in this class and they are funny,that makes the classfun. The teacher is my friend and so is the class. They are fun to learn with. One more thing the class is the best class ever. They help each other with school work and to help each other with work we need help with. My teacher Mr.Ambrose is the best teacher ever and a very,very, good person.


Anonymous said...

Good job Tw0708 but I think that you could have used more details and examples of the first day.

Anonymous said...

T.W welcome to our class from R.U and T.D

Anonymous said...

Hey T.W nice paper but when you put Mr.A is the most funniest paper you didn't need most.But other than that it was great!!!!!


Anonymous said...

tw,I like your paper I thought it was a good paper that i've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Hi t W0708 nice student writing sample. I like how you said when i walked into the classroom i was not the onlyone with glasses. From SL0708

Anonymous said...

TW0708 I loved your paper now I know how new kids feel. BM0708

Anonymous said...

Dear TW0708,

Great job on the paper.I thougth you did a real good job.