Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Learning Fast Facts Tips & Tricks

Put together by NL0708

Why are fast facts important. It is very important to know your fast facts.By the time you are in third grade you should have them down pack.So here are some tips and tricks by our class about fast facts!

"My best tip is to practice each fact and all of the tricks.'' by TD0708

''To study go to multiplication. com'' by MP0708

Practice as long as you can then do math facts in 2minutes.'' by MJW0708

''Write out your times tables and say them as you are writing them.'' by LN0708.

"I practice for about 40minutes with my parents." by KH0708

''Ask your mom to test you for 20minutes'' by DF0708

''I use a stopwatch and use old math fact test and test myself'' by AB0708

''Show a younger or older sibling multiplication so you can study'' by NL0708

''Rewrite my fast facts'' by JJ0708

''Study with an older or younger sibling'' by GM0708

''Write multiplication over and over again'' by RW0708

''Use flashcards to study'' by MJW0708

''I never liked math but when I studied I tried my best and I got my time test & learned that I do not know 9x8 but I know 8x9 it is just reversed 8x9 & 9x8 is 72 it is the same answer it is just reversed.''CM0708

''For eights you need to know is your fours it is just double double.'' by DD0708

''If you have troubles in nines time tables all you have to do is go down in the tens column & up in the ones column''By RW0708

Do you have more tips and tricks you would like to share? Post them in the comments below.

SRI Test Taking Tips

collected by student MS0708

What is the S.R.I test?

Well the S.R.I test stands for Student Reading Inventory. This test tells you what class you're going to be in. If score high on the S.R.I test like an 1056, you're an 9.0 student like me.

Here are the best tips and tricks:

*Don't give up on yourself or the test. Also don't pressure yourself.
*When you make a mistake try to figure it out. DON'T get confused.
*Use the hamburger method to solve complicated S.R.I problems.
*Don't sit by your friends so you won't get distracted.
*Do brain gyms before the S.R.I test.
*Believe in yourself. Stay focus.
*Use the Answer Checking Strategies.
*Also use Problem Solving Strategies to figure out the problem.
*Read it twice, check your and reread and check again.
*Choose a test topic you're interested in, instead of choosing a topic you don't understand.
*Use steps for taking S.R.I test.
1. Read the question.
2. Read the passage.
3. Read the question again.
4. Read all of the answers.
5. Choose the best answer.
6. Read the passage again.
7. Read the question again.
8. Check your answer.

Clearly, I have told you everything. I gave you eight steps. I gave you details. I told you the topic. Use this tips and get the highest score you can on your next SRI test.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Free On-Line Typing Practice Game

For a free typing web-based (no download required) interactive program and games that run in your we browser go to:

Unit 4 Math Test

Here are the GLCE's (What are GLCE's?) for our Every Day Math Unit 4 on Division. Use these as a guide to study for our test on Wed 12/19 (see We Have a Class Calendar for other test). Remember if you find a good online resources (game, video, or website) post in the comments to share with other classmates.

N.MR.05.01 Understand the meaning of division of whole numbers, with and without remainders; relate division to fractions and to repeated subtraction.

N.MR.05.02 Relate division of whole numbers with remainders to the form a = bq + r, e.g., 34 ÷ 5 =6 r 4, so 5 * 6 + 4 = 30; note remainder 4 is less than divisor.

M.MR.05.03 Write mathematical statements involving division for given situation.

N.MR.05.05 Solve applied problems involving multiplication and division of whole numbers

N.FL.05.06 Divide fluently up to a four-digit number by a two-digit number.

N.ME.05.10 Understand a fraction as a statement of division, e.g., 2 ÷ 3 = 2/3, represent simple
fractions with pictures.

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Holiday Party Sign-Up Sheet

It’s that time of year again! Please let us know what you’ll be brining for the Holiday Celebration. Thanks for your participation. Also, let Mr. Ambrose know if you can help out during the party.

What we need:
[x] Pizza (6 Pepperoni & 2 Cheese) Ms. James
[x] Pop Ms. James
[x] Paper ware (cups, plates, napkins, cuttery) Ms. Lamar
[x] Cake Ms. Lyons
[ ] Fruit Tray
[ ]Chips
[ ]Goodie Bags (8)
[ ]Goodie Bags (8)
[ ]Goodie Bags (8)
[ ]Goodie Bags (8)

Comment on the post below if you would like to volunteer or donate.

Mrs. Lamar

Monday, December 10, 2007