Friday, October 19, 2007

Plant Unit Standards

Below are the Grade Level Content Expecations (GLCE's), also called standards, for 5th grade. Read also What are GLCE's? Understanding these GLCE's allows you to better prepare for the Science Test on Plants (expected in early November).


Standard: All students will compare and contrast differences in the life cycles of living things

2.Describe the life cycle of a flowering plant

Key Concepts: Flowering plant parts and processes- roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit, seeds, embryo, pollen, egg cell germination, fertilization

Tools: Microscope, hand lens

Real-World Contexts: Common flowering plants, such as bean, tulip

3. Describe evidence that plants make and store food

Key Concepts: Process and products of food production and transport – photosynthesis starch, sugar, oxygen, carbon dioxide, water

Real World Contexts: Plant food storage organs, such as potato, onion; starch storage in plants grown under different conditions.

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Anonymous said...

I copied this down.It tells us every thing we need to know for the test.