Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Historical Diary Jan 8

Dear Diary,

We are starting our on colony.But we need a leader.Our leader should be:
*Concerned of other colonists-someone who cares
*Responsible-someone who would care about what we are doing
*Focused-someone who is serious and will not play games
*Respectful-someone who will tell the truth
*Brave-someone who will stand up for their colonists
*Listen-someone who will hear you out
*Honest-some one who will not lie
Our leader should always have all these traits.Well at least 5 of these traits.This will not make them the perfect leader but one that no one would forget.Someone who would be a unforgettable.


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Anonymous said...

Your diary entry was very understandable and realistic.If I needed a leader I would want someone that was all of these things.