Monday, January 28, 2008

Blogs Are Spreading At DEPSA!!

Nice work class, you have a set an example for other classes to follow now we have two more 5th grade classes blogging. Look on the left side and you will find a "DEPSA Blogroll" that lists the links to the other classroom's blog websites. Or click on the links below

Ms. Harrison's 5th Grade Class
Check out a video on Ecosystems that she put up

Mrs. Anle's 5th Grade Class
Check out her games on fractions, a video on colonization, and a link to the camp we are going to.

Now don't forget to coment on their blogs too! But now we need to add "From Mr. Ambrose's class" so they know what class you are from.


Anonymous said...

mr.ambrose i liked your class page.

Anonymous said...

The plant video was cool when it talked about photosynthesis andother things about plants.And the guy singing the song.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Ambrose,I like your webpage that you made.

Anonymous said...

i like your page andit was really good