Friday, November 2, 2007

Student Paper: How To Use The Hamburger Method

If, you ever get stuck on a math problem, I got some news for you. My advice is called The Hamburger Method. I’m hungry just thinking about it. If you want an A+ listen up. This is going to be great! Here’s a sample problem I can use to show you how. Let’s Sam has 10 apples and 5 buckets. How many how many apples go in each bucket equally?

First, what comes on top of every good burger? That’s right the top bun. This bun means "What do I need to find?” When that question is asked you should highlight, underline, circle or box keywords. Example: How many apples go in each bucket? (I underline many, apples, and each.)

Second, is that crunchy and green lettuce, Mmmm. “Reread and find the givens” is what that’s all about. Figure out what do I already know? Look at the sample problem and see what it tells you. Example: Sam has 10 apples and 5 buckets is what I know.

Third, is that red skinny tomato. That red tomato means “Plan and strategize.” Choose a problem solving strategy. The strategies are look for a pattern, make a chart, draw a picture, guess and check, work backwards, solve a simpler problem, or act it out. Example: I have to choose a strategy. It will be draw a picture.

Next, is the best part of a hamburger, that juicy burger. The burger is solve and check. Here we do the math and use answer checking strategies like estimate reasonableness, plug in original equation, and fact triangle check. Example: Draw 5 buckets, split all the apples into each bucket. To check your answer you can do 5*2=10.

Lastly on that bottom bun. This holds the burger together. Now you “Restate” your answer, in a complete sentence. Example: Only 2 apples will fit in each bucket equally.

In conclusion, I have told you that tasty Hamburger Method. I explained every step. The steps were the top bun, the lettuce, the tomato, the burger and the bottom bun. This is a great method and easy to remember. Use the Hamburger Method for an A+.

By BM0708


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