Monday, November 5, 2007

Mathcast: Multiplying Decimals Using the Lattice Method

Our first Mathcast!

presented by TD0708
recorded by BH0708


Anonymous said...

Dear TD0708 and BH0708,

I was so impressed with your mathcast lesson on the lattice method. Mr. Ambrose has been talking about how exciting new math and the lattice method are, but I never understood him until I saw your video. Thank you for teaching me something that Mr. Ambrose couldn't even explain! You are going to help many, many kids across the world who need help understanding multiplying decimals.

Mrs. Ambrose

Michael said...

Excellent work TW - I will be sure to show my students this Mathcast. Very clear and well done - who knows ou might become world famous for this one. Keep up the good work - can't wait to have you in my math class next year.

Mr. Sumerton

Anonymous said...

TD0708 I loved your podcast it was great!You did an awesome job.
From BM0708

Anonymous said...

Dear TD0708,
i think some people will find your mathcast very helpful.


student users said...

I really enjoyed watching your webcast on multiplying decimals. I can now show my cousins how to do multiplication using lattice.

Keep up the good work !!


Anonymous said...

TD0708 I found your mathcast very helpful. i think other people will find it helpful too.