Wednesday, December 19, 2007

SRI Test Taking Tips

collected by student MS0708

What is the S.R.I test?

Well the S.R.I test stands for Student Reading Inventory. This test tells you what class you're going to be in. If score high on the S.R.I test like an 1056, you're an 9.0 student like me.

Here are the best tips and tricks:

*Don't give up on yourself or the test. Also don't pressure yourself.
*When you make a mistake try to figure it out. DON'T get confused.
*Use the hamburger method to solve complicated S.R.I problems.
*Don't sit by your friends so you won't get distracted.
*Do brain gyms before the S.R.I test.
*Believe in yourself. Stay focus.
*Use the Answer Checking Strategies.
*Also use Problem Solving Strategies to figure out the problem.
*Read it twice, check your and reread and check again.
*Choose a test topic you're interested in, instead of choosing a topic you don't understand.
*Use steps for taking S.R.I test.
1. Read the question.
2. Read the passage.
3. Read the question again.
4. Read all of the answers.
5. Choose the best answer.
6. Read the passage again.
7. Read the question again.
8. Check your answer.

Clearly, I have told you everything. I gave you eight steps. I gave you details. I told you the topic. Use this tips and get the highest score you can on your next SRI test.


Anonymous said...

I like how it really helped me during my sri testing those are some great tips.


Anonymous said...

so if you got a 720 is that good or bad
and on my next i will try those tips

Anonymous said...

ahh, i like really need help with sri >:l Im a 6th grader and im getting 550 on my sri score

D:But after reading this
Made me feel good =) and im definitly gonna do these tips ;D

Anonymous said...

i got 1,92 today and i am a fifth-grader!!!!!!!!!