Sunday, February 3, 2008

How To Listen To Our Podcasts

There are 4 ways you can listen to our class podcast episodes:

1) Click the Play button in the player in the right sidebar of this page. Note: You will listen to the lastest episode, if you want to listen to previous episodes click on "Posts" in the player to listen older epidsodes.

2) Click on the Class Podcast link located under "Pages" in the right sidebar of this page. Note: This will show all the episodes.

3) Click on the Podcast label under "Categories" in the right sidebar of this page.

4) If you have iTunes software downloaded on your computer you can subscribe by clicking on subscribe free under the player then the episodes come to you and are downloaded so you can play on your computer, iPod, or Mp3 player.


Anonymous said...

Hey Class of Ambrose,
How are all of my 0708'ers. Just a short note to express my continued pride in your class to produce the best blogs out here. I truely enjoyed hearing all of your "I Have A Dream" speaches. Please believe that all you have said is possible and work hard to accomplish your goals.

See you Soon,

Mike said...

I am currently enrolled at the University of Central Oklahoma. I am majoring in elementary education. I have really enjoyed looking through the blogs. When tim epermits, I would like to listen to the podcasts, as well.