Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Blogger's Contract

I understand the power and responsibilities of publishing to a large global audience and participating in an educational dialogue online through blogs. There are some rules and codes of conduct to follow in order to keep our blog educational, fun, and safe.

Blog Rules

I will always write in a way that protects the identity of my classmates, my family, and myself.

I will always write in a way that brings respect and honor to my school, my family, and myself.

Blogger Code of Conduct

I will never use my name.
I will never give out my address.
I will never give out my email address.
I will never give out my phone number.

I will keep my writing educationally related.
I will be responsible for everything I publish; if I make a mistake I will fix it.
I will do my absolute best to write truthful and useful information.
I will not copy other people’s work.
I will never write to cause harm or to hurt the feelings of others.
I will set a good example for others.

Blogging Instructions

Remember all comments go straight to the blog administrator, your teacher, so there will be a delay in publishing your posts and comments. This is so that the teacher can screen all new content that is published to the blog.

Instead of using your name when writing posts or comments, use your first and last initials followed by the school year. Our class will know who we are, but strangers will not. (Example John Mike Smith would call himself JMS0708 )

When we sign into the blog to publish a post or comment, we will use the class email address. This is so we do not give our our personal information.
Our class email address is __________________
Our password is __________________

I have read, understood, and agree to follow the blogger's rules, code of conduct, and instructions.

Student Sign X____________________________
Parent Sign X____________________________
Date X ____________________________


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I love reporting news about subjects.this is a great idea to work with this project with the class working with the same website together at the sametime mr.A.

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I like the blog. Hi class ofambrose.this blog is amazing I love to go on here all the time. MTR,LMM,MJP,andTSW